Watch the 
Take Back 

Are you strong 
enough for the 
change YOU 


Can I take this beating & pretend it didn't happen? ~ hotPrayers, uses spoken word to decide whether to stay or leave.

#2 ~ LIL'BIT 

Passionate and fiery, she...uses her attitude and sometimes her whole body to make a point.

#3 ~ ENOUGH 

Will she finally break free? ~ hotPrayers uses spoken word poetry to choose her future.


...for your WAKE ME {step 1}

because sometimes you have to fight to wake up and recognize that just because you're strong enough to deal with a thing, doesn't mean you should suffer through, eternally

...for your BREAK FREE {step 2}

because you're worth more than empty gestures and broken measures to control, to own, or to break you. because the first warrior on the scene to help save you

...for your SHE BRAVE {step 3}

because i see you, i was you and i needed this when i was trying to break through. because you're a warrior who can't take anymore lies about the strength in you