Are you strong enough for the change you deserve? 

#1:FIGHT BACK: Can I take this beating? Can I pretend it didn't happen? Can I salvage my honeymoon...and" —HotPrayers, uses spoken word to decide whether to stay or leave.

#2:LIL'BIT: The strongest woman suffers the most, they say, cause she doesn't know when to let go. Passionate and fiery, Lil Bit, uses her attitude and sometimes her whole body to make a point. 

#3"ENOUGH: He snapped. Beat his wife. Blamed the night. And then dared her to leave. Can she finally break free, mentally?  HotPrayers, uses spoken word to predict a future.

The "Take Back" Trilogy exists...

  • because sometimes you have to fight for your "Wake Me"
  • because sometimes the strong you will make you take things that no woman should be accepting
  • because you are worth more than empty gestures and broken measures to control you, to own you, to break you
  • because it's time, love, for your break through
  • because the first warrior on the scene to save you 
  • because i see you
  • because i was you
  • because i needed this when i was trying to break through too

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