Spoken Word SOUNDTRACK for Survival

Sometimes the SOUNDTRACK in your heart is the only thing you have to hold onto. But when you do, in-spite of what you face, you can get back up stronger than you were before

"Not only a message — but a movement

-Sonya Alaine, Singer Songwriter

"Like Maya Angelou, it's professional, epic, powerful 

- Darryl Ogletree, Mission ReBorn

What happens after the fairytale cracks?

Our arguments built up to one perfect fight, one messed up honeymoon & something that played out more like a movie than real life.

...If I survive the night, what happens next?...

Spoken word to inspire a personal wake up call

What Mary J & Adell give women through music and song, you give it through writing. Women will feel empowered through your words”

— Kendra — 

For survivors & champions overcoming a broken heart

“These five steps don't just apply to women dealing with domestic violence. This is for any one who has been wounded, broken or hurt in any capacity.”

— Darryl —

Tired of sabotaging your own dreams? This is for you.

“Raw honesty, deeply emotional and inspirational....listening almost feels like therapy

— Brandi —



…at your next event. Experience the spoken word, stories & inspiration LIVE because the BRAVE YOU doesn't just happen — you happen to your dreams, one deliberate step at a time. Work with Lady J.

Meet the Author


aka "Lady J"

As seen and heard on the popular Atlanta radio station V-103 and Uptown Comedy Club, Warner is an award winning poet, Atlanta Def Poet and domestic violence survivor. Attacked by her husband 4 days into their honeymoon, she left. Unapologetic and relentless, Lady J believes there’s an unparalleled strength in every one of us — even if you haven’t found it yet.


Author of the Spoken Word Soundtrack for Survival from the Hot Prayers Flow Like Fire Series, Lady J is passionate about helping you shift from dreaming to doing. But ultimately, she’s an undercover super-hero discovering new God-given powers daily. 


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Spoken Word SOUNDTRACK for Survival

Written, read & performed by Jamillah Warner aka Lady J with

to inspire those recovering from a broken heart — with real decisions & raw experiences in poetry, story & spoken word

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     Raw experiences and real decisions delivered in compelling stories and spoken for your spirit and your soul

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    like your life depends "on the choices you make and the words you say" and start dealing with the 5000 thoughts getting the way of your best dreams  


    to 57 Minute AudioBook — dramatic, raw, honest — read & performed by the author, Jamillah "Lady J" Warner


    These 5 Steps to help you fight for the life you want and deserve because you're worth the effort. You just need to know where your real power comes from

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    the warrior in you — that "you are not a mistake & you are strong enough to alter your fate and live life a different way"


    like women. Girls are raised on fairytales, but women get ready for real life. And in real life sometimes the fairytale cracks but you'e still strong enough for your next move

remember where your true strength comes from

    Breakthrough is about focusing on this new place you're trying to get to, not wallowing in the past that tried to destroy

    - Jamillah Warner, aka Lady J -

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